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YOU! Welcome to the site

This is the official site for writings, drawings, blurbs, chats, and other trouble I will purposely get myself into. It's not corporate, it's not PC, it's definitely not the place to show stuff to your mother, my mother, or that mother that looks like she can't take a joke. Let's just leave mothers out of this completely. Unless, of course, you're a cool mom who likes this kind of thing. In that case, enjoy. More shenanigans and trouble to come.

START - #1

The start of any journey starts with the first step. This is my first step, welcome to my vlog. I am Michael T. Burgess, a writer, screenwriter, storyteller. Thanks to @garyvee @everydayissaturday and @Shondarhimes for pushing to JUST START and my partner in all things @CourtneyDeelen for always having my back.

I hope the end of summer is treating you well. I’m working on a couple new scripts and starting a vlog that I’d love for you to check out.

I have some other fun in the works but I’ll let you in on that soon. Until then, keep creating and have fun!

Tech Tuesday

Okay, I have to say, when it comes to the that tech guy in the family I’ve been designated iMike. Whether it’s a issue of a backup not working properly, a phone screen too dark, or when a printer just won’t connect, I’m the one to get the call or text usually around 11:00 at night.

I like it, it’s great to be the one that people can rely on when things go berserk and some things that are a couple clicks to get back in order.

Then there are times when I get a question, they usually arise when my wife is frustrated with something and I sit back and start to wonder myself.

Case in point, the practicality flaw that came up when we were on a road trip and we tried to play the radio Apple Music though her car and had to use the lightening port. We drove for a few hours and as such her battery is getting depleted because in the charge for efficiency and slimness, Apple decided to forgo the audio jack and just have the lightening port do everything. The same slim design has also caused some ire with anyone who has USB accessories or memory sticks and bought the 2016 Macbook Pro.

Thankfully, third party companies have come along and found just the solution to this crossroads of charging or listening. I picked up the Baseus Adapter Splitter for the iPhone 7 and now this drive we’re taking is full of music and no frustration from a dead phone as we trek through the Niagara Parks.

What are some of technical things that frustrate you? Let me know on @michaeltburgess

I’ve been hiding in a hole. Seriously, 2017 has been flying by and I haven’t really been on camera lately to talk to you about the fun, crazy, and sometimes deep things I’ve been up to with my partner in crime, the fantastic Courtney Deelen.

We’ve been working on a number of short projects that are in various stages of development. The teams we’ve been working with, whether it’s part of our Deelen with Trouble mastermind group, pre-production, filming, or post-production. They have been making us better craftsmen and people. To them, I say a hearty thank you.

Now, this post is about showing your best self. What is that?

  • How you feel after that hard work-out.
  • How you feel after tackling that “one thing” you were fearful to face.
  • How you interact with those who make your world bigger, better, and brighter.
  • How you move when you feel strong, grounded, and ready to take on any challenge thrown at you.

That’s the inter workings of your best self. It’s way more important to focus on that because the outer self is much more a series of crafted assets you can learn to make better aesthetic choices.

Some of these would include:

  • Video quality (cameras, lenses, and formats)
  • Audio (microphones, mixes, and editing)
  • Background (green screen, cool solids, interesting backdrop)
  • Lighting (so many options)

So, I’d love to hear some of your ideas on the best ways that you show your best self.

Dr. Seuss
The people who mind don't matter and the people who matter don't mind.

A great rom-com that I directed and co-wrote with Courtney Deelen

Make sure to check out my pvblog that will be updated. And for those that aren’t up on the lingo I just put together, when I’m speaking of pvblog I’m talking podcast-vlog-blog or any iteration of communicating my thoughts and fun to you. If you like what I have going on, please feel free to subscribe, share, and comment where possible.

How to get out of Trouble and Chance Directions

The cruise-liner is bigger but the speed boat can outmaneuver it any day of the week.

There are many times that I look at the large projects that I work on with what seem like unlimited budgets and I wonder. Is it better to be one of the many on the huge cruise ship of a company or to be on the smaller speedboat of an organization. Then I remember that I like being nimble, sublime, and flexible.

Larger companies tend to suffer from complacency. “That’s the way it’s always been.” Which we all know to be a false-truth. It’s only been a certain way for as long as the majority of the crew and cast have been working. So it’s easy to play into that mindset and have things move at a rigid pace.

As with a smaller company, there is a flexibility from the top down that is able to try new ways to make efficient moves and make the project, the week, to even the workday seem to flow in a much more enjoyable and entertaining way.

So, what are some of the ways you and your company find new ways to make the process faster and enjoyable for everyone involved?

What are some of the tools and tactics you use?

Day 5 of my #30Day Challenge

Day 5 of my #30Day Challenge

So I realize when you start something new you're going to have an adjustment period. Nothing starts off perfect. I embrace that. Today, I tried something new with format with my vlog. It's about a cool unexpected meeting that changed my trajectory. It involves being kind, losing a couple bucks, and the first X-Men movie.

So I realize when you start something new you're going to have an adjustment period. Nothing starts off perfect. I embrace that. Today, I tried something new with format with my vlog. It's about a cool unexpected meeting that changed my trajectory. It involves being kind, losing a couple bucks, and the first X-Men movie.

I hope your end of summer is better than expected. I wanted to thank you for checking out the site and if you get the chance, check out my vlog. A new adventure on YouTube. I’ll also be coming out with a new project for your listening enjoyment soon. Stay tuned.

Once the ball drops, the confetti flies, and the champagne flows for those first inaugural moments of the year, a calm descends over us.