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YOU! Welcome to the site

This is the official site for writings, drawings, blurbs, chats, and other trouble I will purposely get myself into. It's not corporate, it's not PC, it's definitely not the place to show stuff to your mother, my mother, or that mother that looks like she can't take a joke. Let's just leave mothers out of this completely. Unless, of course, you're a cool mom who likes this kind of thing. In that case, enjoy. More shenanigans and trouble to come.

The landscape is changing faster for what is available online for shows, shorts, and films than any regulations can keep up with and in Canada. Sure the ability to walk through the murky grey line of streaming off Android boxes does seem appealing to some but as a content creator I have this moral obligation to stay above-the-line and purchase products and subscriptions by my fellow creatives.

Dr. Seuss
The people who mind don't matter and the people who matter don't mind.

A great rom-com that I directed and co-wrote with Courtney Deelen

Once the ball drops, the confetti flies, and the champagne flows for those first inaugural moments of the year, a calm descends over us.

Jay Leno
Politics is just show business for ugly people."

Dan Harmon

"Community" & "Rick & Morty" Showrunner

Dan Harmon has a voice that I’ve loved since I first came across Community in it’s first season. He has such a vast look at universalities that connect us and an absurdity that I find comfort in.

Not too long ago, I found a great article on him talking about how he gets though writer’s block and his thoughts on it.