Showing your Best Self

I’ve been hiding in a hole. Seriously, 2017 has been flying by and I haven’t really been on camera lately to talk to you about the fun, crazy, and sometimes deep things I’ve been up to with my partner in crime, the fantastic Courtney Deelen.

We’ve been working on a number of short projects that are in various stages of development. The teams we’ve been working with, whether it’s part of our Deelen with Trouble mastermind group, pre-production, filming, or post-production. They have been making us better craftsmen and people. To them, I say a hearty thank you.

Now, this post is about showing your best self. What is that?

  • How you feel after that hard work-out.
  • How you feel after tackling that “one thing” you were fearful to face.
  • How you interact with those who make your world bigger, better, and brighter.
  • How you move when you feel strong, grounded, and ready to take on any challenge thrown at you.

That’s the inter workings of your best self. It’s way more important to focus on that because the outer self is much more a series of crafted assets you can learn to make better aesthetic choices.

Some of these would include:

  • Video quality (cameras, lenses, and formats)
  • Audio (microphones, mixes, and editing)
  • Background (green screen, cool solids, interesting backdrop)
  • Lighting (so many options)

So, I’d love to hear some of your ideas on the best ways that you show your best self.