Choices in Canada: The lack of great online original programming

The landscape is changing faster for what is available online for shows, shorts, and films than any regulations can keep up with and in Canada. Sure the ability to walk through the murky grey line of streaming off Android boxes does seem appealing to some but as a content creator I have this moral obligation to stay above-the-line and purchase products and subscriptions by my fellow creatives.

The choice by the great minds at Rogers to cancel SHOMI back in November of 2016 was infuriating. They had a plethora of great shows that kept me from going to find other outlets to get programing I couldn’t find anywhere else.

For the record, I don’t subscribe to any cable packages. I find the selection of most packages stupidly priced, and unless otherwise convinced, do not find that any large scale of my money (or any other customers) goes into creating a sustainable environment where programming is sponsored for more voices than the established creatives over the past 15 years.

So, I was delighted last week when I came across the fact that my Amazon subscription for PRIME, a fast free two day shipping program I’ve had for the last year now includes AMAZON PRIME VIDEO. Knowing that Amazon is chasing the heels of Netflix and Hulu when it comes to Original Programming I’m astounded by the quality of the selection.

Speaking with friends in California earlier today, I was told that the selection is even more robust in the States. That being said, I’m sure enthralled with the original programming that it delivers.

If you’re looking for a great drama to start your binging, go with The Man in the High Castle. For those who love off-beat comedies, do yourself a favor and go directly to the Emmy winning Transparent.

CraveTV has some good selection and my hope is that the regulatory bodies in the country wake up to the vast change that has happened since the last Writer’s strike and offer what can actually show what’s being made around the world without breaking the customers bank.